What is Pediatric Acupuncture?


Pediatric Acupuncture provides natural treatment methods to stimulate healing, restore balance, and boost natural resiliency. This is done through herbal medicine, pediatric acupuncture, non-needle techniques such as acupressure, massage, or cupping, and nutritional counseling. The child’s age, temperament, and condition are considered prior to treatment to help ease the child into a relaxing visit. Children love acupuncture and usually leave the office feeling calm and happy.


How could Acupuncture help my child?


Western pediatric care is often lacking in the ability to customize treatment based on each child’s individual needs; therefore, there is a growing demand for better quality pediatric care. Pediatric Acupuncture provides highly customized care and allows the practitioner to take into account the whole child’s health-physical, emotional, nutritional, and environmental-in order to bring about complete wellness.  With growing awareness of the dangers and adverse side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs and surgical procedures, families are more inclined to search for treatment that is safe, natural and effective.


What if my child is not sick?


As a compliment to conventional pediatric care, Acupuncture offers a non-invasive and medication-free method to keeping a child in balance. This is done through regular well-visits, 4-12 times per year, which aim at maintaining health but also providing care before an illness requires emergency medical attention. These visits are also useful in providing counseling to parents regarding their child’s development, diet, sleep and behavioral issues, breast-feeding support and more. In fact, children can start well-visits as early as a few weeks old, and to prevent or eliminate infant colic and reflux.


Is it safe for my kids?


Not only is it safe, it is highly preferable to treat kids with Acupuncture over using medications or even surgical procedures!