Calma Care was born from the passion of bringing a way of life to our patients. We gear all of our treatments, herbal supplements, and wellness products to engendering and facilitating a life that promotes emotional ease, physical health and wellness, and spiritual grounding.


Calma Care views the effects of stress on a universal level. In the same way that one person’s “carbon footprint” can bring toxicity to our planet, Calma Care believes that each individual’s “stress footprint” can bring toxicity into the environment around them.


In today’s day in age, every “urban being” is bombarded with every level of stress- physical, emotional, psychological, environmental, spiritual, etc. We all live in the fast lane, often with no regard of counterbalancing the “doing” with the “being”. Calma Care brings the calmness of “being” to every “urban being” that walks through our door by providing the highest and most customized level of care to each individual.


By fostering the calm within our patients, we can allow for deep rejuvenation, healing, and a massively reduced “stress footprint”. In this way, we can shift the energy in our patients, and their respective environments, and allow them to bring this enlightened attitude of vibrant wellness, grounded emotional health, and uplifted spiritual energy.



“My passion is to help children and adults suffering from acute or chronic health issues avoid medications, interventional procedures and surgeries, and find health, wellness, and balance naturally. As a Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Board Certified Herbalist, my goal is to educate my patients on how to make better lifestyle choices to avoid disease, pain, and to increase their productivity and quality of life.


My educational background includes a BA in Health Sciences, a MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and an extensive list of additional advanced training in treatment of Pain and Inflammation, Pregnancy, Pediatrics, Facial Rejuvenation, and Fertility.


To help my patients I use a fusion of healing modalities including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Dietary and Lifestyle coaching, Micro-Acupuncture and Acu-facelift, and manual therapies such as Cupping (Body and Facial) and Asian Bodywork.”